Brute Handcraft is a young but actively developing brand of handmade accessories. Our development has become possible thanks to the UNDP Ukraine / UNDP Business Grants Competition in Ukraine.

Our workshop was founded in Ukraine in 2017. For today, we make various products from a leather: wallets, key and card holders, bags, belts, money clips and more. With each product, we gain invaluable experience and skill in creating things that will serve you for a long time.

Making products from genuine leather takes all my free time, in this craft, I found my calling. The leather craft is a lot more to me than just a hobby or income, as in each product I put a piece of my soul.
I also have a family like everyone, and this year (2018) my son was born. I hope when he grows up he will also have a desire to learn this amazing craft. I have a higher education as a mining engineer, and 8 years of underground length of service.
So, working with the leather is something new and unexplored for me, nobody taught me this, and all the products that you can see are hours of hard work, test, mistakes, and as a result the finished product. Grateful customer reviews are always encouraging and are an indication that I’m moving in the right direction.

Oleg Sabirov

Maker and Owner